Monday, 13 January 2014

Industry News Bulletin

Here are some articles that Specialist Vehicle Rental have found this month:

Motability Cars on Spotlight
Recently, the press and the internet have been abuzz with reports about abuse of the Motability Scheme. In the wake of all the criticism a number of changes have been announced. It seems that cars supplied to give a bit of freedom to disabled people are being used at other times by family members in contravention of the rules. Essentially, this means that some healthy individuals are talking advantage of a tax payer funded scheme. Those who qualify receive a mobility benefit of around £50 per week which goes to fund a new car every three years, exempt from road tax and VAT. Motability Operations fund the programme through the dealer network. If the client cares to pay more than they can upgrade which means there are BMWs and Mercs being leased out.

Motability Car Adaptations
Being able to get about by yourself is an important concern to all of us but if you have a disability that hampers mobility then this becomes even more important. The motability car scheme was set up by the government in the 1970s to offer financial aid to enable cars to be converted for use by people with mobility difficulties. The conversions are available for modern cars:- Seating solutions, gaining access to your car and being able to sit comfortably whilst driving is probably one of people’s main concerns. Cars can be fitted with special rotating seats that swing out to enable drivers to easily board their vehicle. There are also wheelchair transfer systems and lowering swivel seats that afford comfortable entrance and seating in the car.

Top Five Motability Cars
The Motability scheme is designed to provide help with the additional costs of a disability, and give everyone the chance to obtain a car. For many, a new car can improve remarkably the quality of life, and choosing the right one can be an exciting process. Here’s a list of five attractive Motability cars available through the scheme. To make these options even more desirable, many of them are available to hire for no or low advance payment. The new 5 door polo is the perfect combination of comfortable ride and security. VW Polo has always been a chic city car, and the new design definitely makes it stand out.

Nissan LEAF becomes first electric Motability car
Nissan’s battery-powered LEAF has become the first fully electric vehicle to join the Motability Scheme, opening up zero emission motoring to the scheme’s 620,000 users. Thanks to a recharging cost of around £2 a time and a range of 124 miles, running a Nissan LEAF could save you around a £1,000 on fuel costs over the course of 10,000 miles compared to a similar-sized petrol car. Now available with an Advance Payment (AP) of just £999, the British-built Nissan LEAF range starts with the Visia trim which comes with 16-inch steel wheels, black mirror caps and halogen headlights, front fog lights, i-Key and an audio system with four speakers as standard.

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